Tony Elliot

Hopefully you remember the movie Billy Elliot, well the first time I watched it a tiny part of me shipped Tony/Micheal (adult Micheal thank you) so here it is. Tap the menu to find Tony’s story 😃.

A Chance of Rescue

Ilya Kuryakin, Napoleon Solo and Derek Hale. Bad guys, sex and collars. This story was inspired by a conversation between Keira Marcos and Jilly James on a podcast. However this is my crazy. It is not their fault. Derek Hale needs some spoiling and there were two spies more than able to do so. I […]

Every Fandom Reverse Bang 2019

I made this piece of artwork for the Every Fandom Reverse Bang 2019. It was chosen by Jilly James and the story she wrote will be available on her site. Check out the link on the AO3 Every Fandom Reverse Bang page for the story. (I finally figured out how to post art to AO3. […]

Mountain Rescue

INSPIRED BY THE LOVELY LADYHOLDER General Jack O’Neill sighed when the knock sounded. He took a long look at his whisky and called out a “Come in.” This couldn’t be good. 2200, Friday, he was in his Spider-Man pjs in his hotel room in Washington. The week on the Capital had been hell. Home World […]