Well my previous theme has up and died. Yippie. Catch the sarcasm? Anyway I’ve pitched a new one for now, but I’m not sure what’s been lost and I can’t find the menu tab. Looks like I’m gonna be playing with WordPress for a while. And when did I get enough traffic for ads? Huh🤷🏻‍♀️ […]

Why White?

I’ve been playing with this trying to make it more readable. Formatting bah! Inspiration? Thursday Vignette Nov 29, 2018 Harveste Addams by Kyaru (Thumbie) Harveste sat looking at the monstrosity in front of him. It mocked him. Taffeta. Lace. Ribbons. White. How in the seven deadly and beloved hell’s had it come to this. He […]

Car Trouble for Xmas

Xander’s growling stomach was drowned out by the clunk, click, clunk-clunk boom of his engine dying. His heart sank and he dropped his head to his steering wheel. Hunk-a-junk! Now what? He asked himself. Which God did I piss off now? No voices answered his questions. So he pulled himself together and sat back up. […]

A Pawn of Two Masters

For easier downloading, this story and most of my others are available on AO3, under the same name, tkbenjamin Severus Snape/Sirius Black 30,800 words NC17 Voldemort is gone. Severus notices something strange and decides to investigate. From then on his life changes and it’s all for the better. CHAPTER ONE The first time Severus Snape […]

Into The Electric Blue

Into the electric blue- my Gibbs/DiNizzo/McGarret fic is now posted on here (you might have to look for it though) it should be under its own page and on my AO3 (tkbenjamin). 😁😇

Closer and closer to dystopia? Seven million Chinese citizens are blocked from buying a house or sending kids to private schools Chinese authorities claim they have banned more than 7 million people deemed “untrustworthy” from boarding flights, and nearly 3 million others from riding on high-speed trains, according to a report by the country’s National Development and Reform Commission. […]